First, we would like to thank you for taking the time to visit our website and for considering L&L Academy and Preschool. A decision to place your precious child in a preschool IS a big deal. Frustration with lack of communication and lack of education is what sparked us to open this school for children ages six weeks to six years. 

Some parents may prefer the Montessori approach; however, we believe that it is our duty to help children discover their interests through planned guidance. With fun (but carefully planned curriculum) we can help your child discover the wonders of reading, poetry, science, creative movement, and so much more.       

At L&L Academy and Preschool, we consider every opportunity a learning opportunity. Knowing and understanding that children tend to learn best when they are enjoying an activity, we turn activities into something educational. We will give your children the tools to begin reading, writing and the confidence for the first day of Kindergarten. Your child can do so much only if he/she is exposed to the right environment. We spend the time that your child is under our care ingraining those values, so your child can be ahead of their peers as they pursue Elementary Education. We strive to be the best preschool in Chicago!

Emergent Curriculum

  Our Emergent Curriculum ensures that the children’s interest and experiences are always the inspiration for our lesson plans and activities.  Through careful observation and communication, our teachers are trained to create their lesson plans and facilitate activities that will further the children’s curiosity while challenging them to reach their next milestone.  

At L&L Academy and Preschool, our lesson plans are designed to focus on each area of development, from cognitive & language, social- emotional, to fine & gross motor skills.  Creative and engaging art, music, and sensory experiences are incorporated into each day to allow our students the opportunity to explore and manipulate new materials and experiences.

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